Our Process


Our mission is to make sure that you have an individualized plan that is tailored to your needs and goals. In being data-driven and results-focused, we run numerous scenarios to optimize your plan from a distribution and tax-efficiency perspective. We then work with our network of professionals to incorporate any additional insights that may be needed in creation of your plan. We will always go the extra mile to ensure your plan is actionable and accurate.


There are several ways that you can connect with us. Some ways to get in touch with us are:
– Phone call or text message: (863) 781-9407
– Schedule a meeting on our calendar
– Send us an email at murrell@SWANstrategies.com

This introduction allows us to start a conversation of achieving your financial goals.

Financial Fact Finder – Online Questionnaire / Zoom Call / Phone Call

To achieve this step, we need to have a clear picture of your situation. We need to know items like:
– What is your current income?
– What will your income be in retirement? (Pension, Social Security, etc.)
– Do you have any assets?
– What different investment accounts do you have?

We can easily achieve this step by sending you a secure link to your email. This link will take you to your very own Financial Fact Finder. Once completed, it will notify our team and we will immediately start working on the next step.

For those that feel more comfortable with a Zoom call or a phone call, please schedule a time and we can have a conversation.

Creating the Financial Plan

With all the numbers and information that we talked about in step 2, our team now starts creating the financial plan. A lot of effort goes into creating a financial plan that is tailored to your needs. Being data-driven and results-focused means we run numerous scenarios and design every plan to be specific to your situation and your goals.

1st Presentation (Zoom)

This is an exciting step. For the first time, you get a clear picture of how your financial future looks. This is when we have an open and honest conversation about your needs, wants, wishes, and concerns. We will go into detail about your situation, and we will make sure that all the numbers and accounts are correct.

2nd Presentation (In-Person)

Nothing can replace the personal touch of meeting in person. Along with getting more familiar with the financial plan, the second meeting is a great opportunity to ask any questions that you have thought of since the first meeting. This meeting gives us a great opportunity to build trust and form a personal connection. People tell us that at most other firms, they feel like just a number, but here at SWAN Retirement Strategies, we want our clients to feel like family.

Coordination of Your Retirement Paperwork

Most people stress when retiring because of all the paperwork they must fill out with their employer. We help our clients retire with confidence by reviewing their documents and helping them through the process. This includes FRS and City DROP paperwork. We will help you submit your forms to the state.

Continually Monitor and Revise Your Plan as Needed

We understand that the market and the world can be very volatile. We closely monitor each aspect of your plan and keep in constant contact with you. As changes occur in your life, we will be there with you to adapt the plan, give you options, and advise you on a direction to take. Whether it’s adjusting to market corrections, paying for a child’s wedding, or planning for your long-term care needs, we will be there with our concierge service.


Discover how we can help you with our financial process by requesting a complimentary consultation.

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