A Plan for Your Financial Needs

We will listen to your needs, whether it is an educational savings plan for a child/grandchild, a guaranteed income annuity, a growth annuity, or a specific exchange traded fund, we will walk you through your options and shop the market using our experience, creativity, and technology to make sure whatever you select is in your best interest.

Education Savings Account Plans

Giving your children the gift of debt-free education is certainly giving them more. They will have more opportunities to attend the school of their choice, and more opportunities to spend their future income on the things that are most important to them, rather than focusing on repaying loans. Funding your child’s education will empower them to be able to earn, spend, and save money in a way that’s more meaningful to them.


When you are looking for a very safe alternative to a typical investment vehicle, we offer income, fixed rate, and fixed index annuities to reduce risks while giving you the ability to participate in the upside of the market.

Income annuities come in many forms. Do you want income right now? Do you want your income to start later? Do you want your income to grow?

Fixed rate annuities provide you a guaranteed fixed interest rate for a period, typically two years to five years. In most cases, fixed rate annuities have better interest rates than bank CDs.

Fixed index annuities can provide upside market returns without the downside market risk. The aspects that we need to discuss are: How long do you want your money to be invested? Do you want an upfront bonus? Do you want to eventually turn on income benefits or are you happy without growing your money?

Exchange Traded Funds

Being independent means we have access to thousands of different exchange traded funds (ETFs). If you’re looking for an ETF to bolster your portfolio, we will walk you through options and facilitate your purchase.

Discover More About Annuities

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